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You can generate revenue through our affiliate program. All you have to do is share your link and you will receive 25% of the membership fee (for 1 year) of all participants who sign up through your link.

On this page we explain how exactly this works.

With our payment provider Digistore24 we can realize our desire to share you and thank you for your advertising.

Here is some concisely summarized, very helpful information:

Affiliate and Digistore: what is it and how can I use it?

What is an Affiliate? (Length 2:57 Min)

Create and Set up (Length 1:29 Min)

Where can I find my Digistore24-ID? (Length 0:34 Min)

How to find the Promolink? (Length 1:47 Min)

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It works as simple as this

  1. Sign up with Digistore24 here.
  2. Spread the word and send your individualized link.
  3. Profit from the LoMeRio platform “on the side” without much effort, because every time you sign up you AUTOMATICALLY receive your commission of 25% of the membership fee (for a total of 1 year).

The technology behind it

If one of your contacts clicks on the link and buys the LoMeRio membership, the billing system automatically recognizes this and credits your commission for up to 1 year after the broadcast.

After a click on your affiliate link, a recognition cookie is automatically stored in the contact’s browser. If the contact then buys the LoMeRio membership, the billing system recognizes from this cookie that this* participant was referred by you.

  • It may be advisable to advertise the congress more than once, because the fair last-cookie principle applies. I.e.: The last cookie set determines who receives the commission.

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Do you already have an account with Digistore24?

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Spreading the link

When should I distribute my affiliate link?

  • You can start at any time.
  • We want to make sure your contacts hear about your interview, talk or workshop. So don’t hesitate to send messages so that as many of your contacts as possible can attend the monthly conventions and benefit from the LoMeRio platform.
  • Perhaps also interesting to know: Even if your contacts buy the membership AFTER the broadcast date (within 1 year), you will receive the commission for it.

Do you want to shorten the affiliate link?

  • The affiliate link may be a bit long. Here’s another tip from us:
    • On URL shortener websites like bit.ly you can shorten your link.
    • This only takes a few seconds.
    • The link still works the same, it’s just shortened and thus possibly a bit more practical, especially for your social media channels!

Where can the affiliate link be shared?

For example ….

  • on all social media channels e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, …
  • by e-mail also gladly with the help of distributors
  • in the practice tell colleagues, maybe you even want to make a notice. A QR code or a bit.ly link is ideal for this. You can easily create one yourself
  • Your students
  • Tell your (old) study group
  • Tell your interns about it

Spreading your affiliate link on Facebook

  • You can also advertise your affiliate link on Facebook.
  • However, you should remove the automatic preview image that appears when you enter your affiliate link on Facebook. Otherwise, this preview image links directly to the LoMeRio page. If someone clicks on the preview image, it won’t recognize that the contact comes from you!

Advertising material

Of course, ready-made texts & images are also available for your mailings, your homepage and your social media postings.

You are welcome to use this text for your advertising:

Note: We just want to make it as easy as possible for you and therefore offer you this design. Feel free to change it or create your own and send it to us.


Dear osteopaths,

Dear colleagues

I would like to tell you about the LoMeRio platform. I will give a (LIVE-) lecture / workshop / interview there on ___ at ___ and would be very happy about your interest and being there.

Here is the direct link to the platform: PLEASE INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE-LINK

In case you haven’t heard of the online platform for osteopathy yet, I would like to tell you a little bit about it:

The name LoMeRio stands for:

L for locus / the place
o for osteopathic
Me for medicine
Rio for river or the flowing

It is a place dedicated to osteopathic medicine and flowing. Certainly not everything in osteopathy can be learned (and taught) online, but a lot of inspiration can definitely be transmitted this way, we speakers and the team of LoMeRio are convinced of that.

Especially for theory and reflections we can network much better online than in presence. Not only for hard-working people, parents or those who are otherwise location-bound: We can network with each other worldwide and exchange our experiences with each other and share our knowledge, refresh it as well as expand it.

On LoMeRio we offer you everything: an informative exchange at eye level with lively dialogue or simply “just knowledge fodder”. At any time there are hours of educational programs on various topics at your disposal and every month the offer is extended, where you can be there live and ask your questions or enrich yourself afterwards at your place of choice with the many recordings and information.

The importance of theory within osteopathy should not be underestimated: Philosophizing, reflecting and thinking further are a big part of osteopathy and a very important one, especially for our manual work. Because it changes the way we think and our thinking guides our actions and therefore our practical skills.

On LoMeRio we therefore have a terrific, growing as well as flexible offer for which the time is ripe!

We osteopaths offer you the independent, free space (Lokus) in osteopathic medicine (oMe) to stay in the flow (Rio) and to swim with us into the modern times we live in.

Have we aroused your interest? Then go directly to the platform: PLEASE INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE-LINK

We are looking forward to your participation,

YOUR NAME and the LoMeRio-Team

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Do you have questions about the affiliate program? Need help setting up your Digistore24 account? Or with creating your affiliate link? Then just write an email to: kontakt@lomerio.de